Join us for an Indy Hall Arts Boutique! 

Indy Hallers love the holidays, but do you know what we love even more? Working together to create something truly amazing.

This November, we are going to come together to create a one-of-a-kind boutique in the Indy Hall gallery, to showcase the amazing work by the variety of artists we have in the Indy Hall Arts community. 

This won't just be any shop, however. This boutique will be an exploration of our artists' stories: what brought them to creating this specific art? Why do they love to do it?

This fall, you'll be able to take home amazing works from a variety of artists and artisans, but more importantly, you'll get to take home a story. 

Want to get in on the fun? Head over to our entry form to let us know what you love to create!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to draw on the walls? Talk to Sean Martorana!