KIN: a collaborative show

Indy Hall Arts proudly presents KIN, a collaborative exhibition featuring the creative endeavors of an evolving artistic community. Our most ambitious show to-date, each independently produced canvas reflects its creator’s connection to a greater body of work.

KIN reveals the relationships we draw between ourselves and our co-conspirators, every invention interpreting a relationship to a peer. We push, we hold, we dare one other to make more fearless observations of ourselves. Each realization, personal and distinct in meaning and medium, a sporting challenge to become more worthy.

Check out the photos from the opening on September 4th, 2015- taken by Reed Gustow!

Love the music at our art openings? That's DJ Haveboard, one of our Indy Hall Arts Members!

This show also brought in Untitled, an improv group that draws inspiration from art and local artists. They performed a show in the gallery amongst the show, and drew inspiration from everything around them. While previously the group had worked with a few Indy Hall artists, none of them had performed with a collaborative show like KIN.

It was a lot of fun!