We've Traveled So Far

We’ve Traveled So Far… is an interactive exhibition that chronicles the effort of two men working to keep a promise. Approaching the end of a long and difficult journey, Will Stallwood and Dain Saint (Cipher Prime) synthesize light and sound to build a living monument to their upcoming game release, Duet.

Virtually unwitnessed until now, the artists are sharing a major checkpoint in their odyssey. Breath-taking visuals are accompanied by an original score, symbolizing the fusion of Saint and Stallwood’s talents. The only component they need now is you.

Indy Hall Arts and Cipher Prime invite you to become an active participant in a live performance of digital artwork unseen in the Indy Hall gallery. Your very presence will affect and create the work, ribbons of light bending around your shape as you move through the room. The experience opens to the public First Friday, October 2nd at 5pm.


Take a look at some photos from the 10/2 opening!

All images courtesy of Reed Gustow.